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Professional Cat Photography

At Blue Bayou Photography, we strive to give you the best possible product. We understand that the pictures you purchase from us represent not only the breed you have worked hard at preserving/advancing, but they also represent you and your cattery.

For that reason, every image that you purchase as part of your package receives our Retouching Service. We believe that every image you purchase should be treated as a fine art portrait and made to look its very best, whether its printed, emailed or to be used on a website. To that end, each image is analyzed and worked on accordingly so that it will look it's best. (Please note that the Retouch Service is not included on Out-Take files that are included on the Professional Plus CD.) Also, all of our prints made at a professional lab and using the highest quality professional Kodak photographic paper.

The Retouching Service includes the following: cropping, color correcting, extend and fix the background where necessary, clean up watery/shiny eyes, open eyes, fill in separated hair, remove tongue tipping.

Since we shoot digital we can fix images that might otherwise be tossed. Other enhancements that we can do are un-tweeking an ear, fix tails that were cut off in the image, and combine parts of multiple pictures to create the perfect pose. These items are discussed on an as need basis and may be done for an additional charge.

While we do our best to make your cat look its best, we will not do anything that will misrepresent your cat.

For those who like to do image retouching yourself, we offer a Do-It-Yourself package where we give you all the high resolution files (straight from the camera) from your sitting on a CD for you to work with.

If your not completely satisfied with your experience with us we have a money back guarantee.


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